We all know about Jeff's work at building wonderful sites and keeping them updated but I'm not sure how well people know about his character.

Building a website is an extension of a person and Jeff has all my confidence and trust in this regard thanks Jeff keep up the great work.

Stevie Baggs,
Retired football player

Jeff Armstead's In The Tunnel network of pro athletes' websites is a daily stop for me online. As a CFL insider, it's critical for me to be able to access the thoughts of CFL newsmakers from their very own webpages.

Truthfully, it's likely the only internet network of its kind. It also clear that these players have benefited greatly for their own charitable causes, and to be able to communicate one-on-one with their fans through their own official sites. It's grown exponentially since its inception, and is probably only scratching the surface of what its full potential will be in the years ahead."

Rod Pedersen, Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Canada's 2007 Sports Blogger of the Year.

When I was asked the question about Jeff's work as a web and graphic designer, a big smile came on my face because he has gift for coming up with creative ways to get you what you want in the unique style that you like. The greatest asset that he has besides his designs, is that he desire your input so he can cater your site to represent you in the way you want to be marketed. If you want a website to market yourself and interact with your fans, you need to contact Jeff.

Barrin Simpson,
Retired football player

The comments that I receive about my website exemplify the work and dedication that Jeff puts into his craft. What he has done on my site is exactly what I wanted and has effectively done what I needed. His work speaks for itself as anyone can look at any of the sites he has put together. I trust him to do whatever he wants witn his ideas on my site because he's simply the best.

Brian Bratton,
Retired football player

Jeff Armstead has played a huge role in the creation of my website. Jeff has been very creative in the design and management of my site. Having this website has increased my marketability and gives my family, friends and fans an opportunity to not only keep up with my on the field play, but also gives them a chance to communicate with me by asking questions and or sending in comments.

Geroy Simon,
Retired football player

 This was exactly what I was looking for in a website, in a collaborative effort Jeff has made my vision come to fruition. He has been very professional and creative in regards to the creation of my website. I have gotten such great reviews from my fans who have visited my site. Bottom line if you are looking for a website that is top notch, eye catching and enjoyable then Jeff Armstead is the man. Jeff thanks for everything and I look forward to continuing a working relationship with you.

Dante Marsh,
Retired football player

Jeff's one of the best site builders in the game. There's a reason why so many elite players go to him for their web pages. Expand your capabilities, and get with IntheTunnel!

Kamau Peterson,
Retired football player

Jeff has been very instrumental in organizing my website along with other professional athletes.  He has done a great job of setting the website up and keeping it updated.  With his knowledge, I have many ways of keeping up with my fans, friends, and family.  I have total confidence in what Jeff is doing with the website. I let him come up with different ideas and let him roll with it.  His work speaks for itself.  If you go to any website that he has designed you will be amazed at the first class work he is doing.  Jeff: thanks man for all your help and I wish you continuing success in the future with all of your work.

Kerry Joseph
Retired football player

I must say that because of Jeff Armstead and his company In The Tunnel I have got the website I was looking for and hoping to get.  It has brought the opportunity for my fans to get up close personal  with me.  But that's not all the website has giving me the chance to move forward with making me more marketable to everybody who might have not known other wise.  Even though Jeff is the master mind behind the production he gives you the chance to be apart of the development, and I think that's a real tribute to the type of company he's running. The work is quality and speaks for it's self... So I say again thanks Jeff because of you the IceMan is off and running....

Ike Charlton
Retired football player